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SH 4 4A 4B 4C II-4C

Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer


The Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer main used for liquid heating and stirring in industry, agriculture, health and medicine, scientific research and college laboratory etc.


1.      Stretched shell and cover prevent leaking.
2.      Heating and stirring can proceed simultaneously.
3.      Enclosed hot plate with flame protection, fast warm-up and durability.
4.      Heating Power and stirring speed is stepless adjusted.
5.      Max. Temp. to 380 degree, max. Speed to 1600 r.p.m.
6.      With the adjustable PT100 sensor rack and Stainless Steel Rods.

The digital type has the more function as follows:

1.      Can set the temperature actually and the stirring speed is stepless adjusted.
2.      Big LCD Screen with backlight.
3.      The real temperature and real speed can show simultaneously.
4.      PT100 Sensor makes sure the accuracy temperature.

Main parameters:

Note:The SH-4C model is the digital type.
SH-4C includes 3 types:
type A: with inside sensor to test the ceramic hotplate temperature.
type B: with outside sensor to test the liquid temperature.
type C: with inside and outside sensor together to test the ceramic hotplate and liquid temperature
Performance parameter testing condition: temperature 20℃, ambient humidity 50%RH