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Real-time Quantitative PCR Detection System

QPCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction) gives you a choice of quantitative methods for gene expression.The TL988 Real-time PCR is very useful and important for life science research and curative evaluation, and it is innovative and pioneering products in Lab. for the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring of diseases.


Real-time Quantitative PCR Detection System
Model TL988 


Profiles 1-9
Repetitions 1-99
Steps 1-9
Set times 1-9999sec
Profile linkage Yes


(various fluorescence PCR reagents , such as TaqMan probe, etc)

Sample capacity 48 × 0.2ml or 36 × 0.2ml
Sample handing Thick-walled 0.2ml PCR tubes
Sample volume 20-100μl
Wavelength of exciting fluorescence 495nm535nm
Wavelength of fluorescence detection 525nm555nm
Monochromator device Filter,made in USA
Photo detector PMT(Photomultipier tube), made in Japan
Heating/cooling device TE Peltier(Thermoelectric Peltier Effect module),made in Japan
Quantitative accuracy R≥0.990,  CV≤3%
Heating rate 3/sec
Cooling rate 2/sec
Thermal range 4.0-99.0
Thermal accuracy ±0.5
Thermal uniformity ±0.5
System interfaces RS-232C serial interface, bi-directional
Computer operating system Windows 2000/XP
Power supply AC220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power <800W
Operating environment Ambient Temperature 5-40 Relative Humidity 30%-70%
Weight 26kg
Dimensions(W×D× H) 500mm × 400mm × 350 mm

Heating & cooling unit

         Applying the advantages of thermoelectric (TE, Peltier Effect) module makes temperature change rapidly and uniform. Hot-lid design permits oil-free operation.

Optical unit

          An array of LED collimates to corresponding wells.High-light and long-lived LED excitation light source does not need maintenance or preheating.
          PMT fluorescence detection offers high sensitivity, broad dynamic range and low crosstalk.
          An array of detecting coaxial optical fibers focus on each well’s bottom ensure minimal light loss.

Operation system and Application software

          Application software interface is friendly windows style, Monitoring real-time amplification plots and data analysis during a PCR run.
          Supply software package of medical case and database management and plot display.


          After quantitative analysis for the standard sample, the instrument will get a standard curve of Ct value related to copy number.
          Comparing the Ct value of unknown sample with standard curve, the instrument can calculate the original copy number of unknown sample by quantitative analysis. TL988 has a wide linear detecting range, which can detect 101-1010 DNA copies/ml.