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Germfree Homogenizer


Germfree Homogenizer,also known as flap homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization treatment for animal tissue and biological samples, also used for the following testing areas: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clinics molecule, toxin and bacteria,particularly suitable for preparation of micro-organism testing samples.The device is made of stainless steel and can effectively separate the surface of solid sample from a sample with germs inside. The samples are packed in germfree disposable homogenization bags, and no contact with any parts of the instrument. It has such feature as soft homogenization,no pollution, no damage, no temperaturerise, no sterilizing treatment, no need to wash the utensils. so as to meet the requirements for being fast, accurate and repeatable.This product is also suitable for homogenizing tumor tissues( such as liver, intestines cancer, stomach cancer,  breast cancer) not only can to obtain large numbers of single cells(2×105 within 2 minutes) but also crush tissues cells (such as liver cells)more gently. The time for homogenization could be prolonged when necessary, to achieve a soft broken.

Main technical parameters:

Model Scientz-04
Power 300W
Supply 220V/50HZ
Timing 30、180、600 sec or-∝(continuous working)
Rap Speed 6-9 times/sec
Capacity 3-400ml
Motor speed 500-1500r.p.m
Attenuation 1:06
Display LCD
Setting Keyboard setting
Sterile homogenization bags 170×300mm
Sterile homogenization bags 170×300mm
Dimensions  400×350×300mm
Packing size 495×465×360mm